About Us

As an independent agency, NTR is able to maintain control of company policies relating to fair market pricing, and the development of customized marketing programs. National franchises simply cannot afford to offer you this level of customization and service.

  • No "hidden" fees!
  • We do not charge processing fees
  • An old-fashioned commitment to service - the kind you could always expect from independent, owner-driven companies
  • Research-orientation, e.g., checking sales histories, tax appraisals and comparable sales values to help you make the best decisions
  • Complete understanding in marketing, negotiating and the financing process - knowledge that can make or break a sale that might otherwise be lost.
  • As an independent, we can assure you that you see "everything" on the market - not just one national company's listings
  • A proven track record of selling our own listings - quickly!
  • A licensed mortgage broker on staff
  • Customized programs and personal service

New Tampa Realty makes buying easy

Searching for the "right" house can be a tedious task. Reviewing advertisements, inspecting neighborhoods and understanding costs take time and energy. NTR will do all of these things for you, so that you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience.

Using state-of-the-art technology, we stay current on offerings, sales, valuing methods, mortgage rates, consumer protection laws and other concerns. When you've found your dream home, NTR will guide you through negotiation and financing and assume responsibility for a myriad of details from offer to closing. Buying a home may be the single largest (and most complicated) investment that you may make, but NTR makes it so easy.

New Tampa Realty Simplifies the Selling Process

Some agents devote their energies to listing (and not selling) properties. To "get a listing," they may lower commissions and/or inflate values. While this makes homeowners feel good, it doesn't help sell their homes and usually results in delays and frustration.

NTR agents aim to sell the properties that they list. They help you set a fair market price for your home - a policy that results in quicker sales. When a buyer is found, our agents provide you with negotiating advice and they are available to help buyers get the financing they may need to complete the sale.